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Discover a delicious, nutritious protein source with Quorn

All Quorn® products are powered by Quorn’s mycoprotein, a super protein that makes great-tasting meat free meals while being healthy for you and the planet. So we think it should be the meatless protein featured on your menu. It’s a no brainer. Now that's a future worth eating for.

NEW Quorn Meatless Crispy ChiQin Cutlets

Quorn’s NEW Meatless Crispy ChiQin Cutlets are the most innovative fried chicken-style alternatives available in foodservice! They feature an incredibly realistic protein core coated with an extra crispy breading. They’re delicious and nutritious, with each cutlet providing 14g of protein and 6g of fiber. Sustainably produced with Quorn mycoprotein which uses less land and water than animal protein production, so it's better for the planet too.

About Quorn

What is Quorn®?

Quorn is an international brand dedicated to helping foodservice professionals expand menus with a delicious and proven meat alternative. Built on a belief in sustainable nutrition, we share a vision with the foodservice industry to make food that meets the growing trend of consumers choosing to live a healthier lifestyle and making better choices for the planet.

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Sustainable nutrition

A healthy & sustainable way to enjoy great tasting food

Quorn mycoprotein is a nutritionally healthy protein that is meat-free, high in fiber, and naturally low in saturated fat.

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Perfect for those customers who are seeking meat-free options when they dine out. Quorn provides delicious options which can accommodate lunch and dinner dayparts.

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From farm to fork we’re dedicated to outstanding environmental performance.

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